The Whats, Whys, and Hows of TSMC-SoIC®

TSMC-SoIC® service platform provides innovative front-end, 3D inter-chip (3D IC) stacking technologies for re-integration of chiplets partitioned from System on Chip (SoC). The resulting integrated chip outperforms the original SoC in system performance. It also affords the flexibility to integrate additional system functionalities. TSMC-SoIC® service platform meets the ever-increasing compute, bandwidth and latency requirements in cloud, network and edge applications. It supports both chip on wafer (CoW) and wafer-on-wafer (WoW) schemes. The dual scheme provides superb design flexibility in mixing and matching different chip functions, sizes and technology nodes.

Like SoC, TSMC-SoIC® platform is fully compatible with existing advanced packaging services such as CoWoS® and InFO, offering a powerful "3Dx3D" system-level solution. Take time to learn more about the TSMC-SoIC® and how it can meet your design needs.

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